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eventMaturity | 0 - Draft


Describe when this event occurs in a workflow. Describe how the context fields relate to one another. Event creators SHOULD include as much detail and clarity as possible to minimize any ambiguity or confusion amongst implementors.


Define context values that are provided when this event occurs, and indicate whether they must be provided, and the FHIR query used to generate the resource.

Key Optionality FHIR operation to generate context Description
example REQUIRED FHIRresource/{id}?_elements=identifer Describe the context value
encounter OPTIONAL Encounter/{id} Describe the context value


  "timestamp": "2018-01-08T01:37:05.14",
  "id": "q9v3jubddqt63n1",
  "event": {
    "hub.topic": "fdb2f928-5546-4f52-87a0-0648e9ded065",
    "hub.event": "patient-open",
    "context": [
        "key": "key-from-above",
        "resource": {
          "resourceType": "resource-type-from-above"
        "key": "encounter",
        "resource": {
          "resourceType": "Encounter"

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1.0 Initial Release